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Trident Group created an internal innovative braintrust as a means to transform ideas into reality.

Over the past decennia it resulted in new industry standards for servicing (propulsion) equipment below the waterline. An example is the award winning “FLEX-DAM” hyperbaric habitat for shaft seal replacement on main propulsion shaft lines.

We build the “TRITON V” underwater hull-coating treatment system in 1993 and that became the approved standard supported by coating manufacturers.

The “TRITON VI” is the reclaim version with filter system that allows for hull treatment in ports that ones banned cleaning. The “TRITON VII” is specifically designed for effective removal of very heavy marine growth as typically found on offshore structures, storage tankers, drill rigs, etc,..

We have designed specialty tools for effectively machining steel and propeller materials in a safe and up to 8 times more productive manner compared to traditional methods.

The “Innovative Braintrust” supports and creates solutions meeting our clients needs wherever, whenever

Engineering, research & development include:

  • Cofferdam design to support permanent weld repairs afloat
  • Underwater cleaning equipment
  • Specific purpose maritime technical solutions
  • Custom innovative tool design
  • OEM support with product development