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Trident Group is the proud winner of the 2005 “EMERGO” Maritime Innovation Award in The Netherlands for the launch of the first underwater shaft Lip Type-seal service meeting OEM standards !

Based on the technological concept followed by engineering and building a prototype for testing, we managed to implement this service in the Maritime Industry as a recognized and accepted shaft seal overhaul method aligned with Classification and Manufacturer warranty standards.

We introduced the Innovation to the Industry and to date we executed hundreds of shaft seal repairs and overhauls.

The design is a hyperbaric solution to cover a range of shaft seals up to 1100mm shaft diameters. A light weight flexible material open bottom habitat (FLEX-DAM) is designed around the stern configuration allowing our technicians to work in a dry environment.

This system creates favorable circumstances compared to dry-dock, because the inside the FLEX-DAM is not exposed to rain, wind, frost or dry-docking circumstances like grid blasting, dust, painting etc….

The system is designed for easy and fast mobilization on most commercial aircrafts in pallet size boxes to be able to quickly respond to emergency situations.

Trident Group was honored with this Classic Maritime Innovation Award out of 12 participants.

Underwater shaft seal repair services include:

  • Lip-type seal bonding and spacer ring installation or removal
  • Face-type seals – wet repairs and replacement (Deep Sea, Cedervall, Wartsila)
  • CPP blade seal replacement main propulsion
  • Tunnel or azimuthing thruster shaft and blade seal renewal
  • Stabilizer fin shaft seal, crux seal repairs